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Cursors for Chrome
Cursors for ChromeCursors for ChromeCursors for ChromeCursors for ChromeCursors for Chrome


Cute Cursors for Chrome is a cheerful Chrome extension that aims to make your day a bit more colorful while browsing for stuff. Choose a cursor from a decent collection of models. Enrich your collection with dozens of new cursor skins and beef up the pointer's size. 

Each cursor has two shapes that emulate the simple arrow pointer as well as the hand.

Click on a model to instantly apply it

The extension requires the user to constantly access the options layout. To quickly move between the UI to your chrome tasks, pinning the icon to the extension tab would be most wise.

Once installed, open the menu, and sift through the default collection. Cute Cursors will provide you with some predefined models and build up a favorites list. The Favorites are always displayed at the beginning of the list and consist of 12 slots only. With an increasing collection, you will learn the use of this particular list. Drag and drop a model to replace a model within a certain slot.

Get more cursors

Look for a button similar to this subtitle. That will open the extension's main menu. From there the user can add new individual cursors or entire collections. Search through the New Cursor menu to add new individual models. Collections are sets of different-themed icons such as video games, shows, and pop culture.

Adjust the cursor's size

One cool feature Cute Cursor provides is the pointer size changer. Click on the double cursor icon to display the size ranges. One can increase the size of the cursor by 2x, up to 5x.

In summary, Cute Cursors for Chrome is a neat extension that brings the user a ton of cursor models to play with. Despite its default, thin collection, dozens of new models can be freely added, making this add-on a hefty repository for pointer skins.


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